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Shops in Beijing with Kosher Products

Shops in Beijing with Kosher Products


Looking to buy Kosher Food in Beijing?

At the Bet Yaakov Chabad House we have a small Kosher shop that has chicken, bread, dry goods and snacks.

There are also a few chains of western style stores in Beijing that sell a variety of kosher products. These products are imported from different countries such as the USA, Europe and Australia. Some products bear Kashrut symbols while others can be found listed in the kashrut guides available from the country the product was produced in.

Some of the kosher symbols available are: OU, OK, STAR K, Kof-K, COR, KSA, CRC.

Below is a list of stores where these products can be found:


Grand Summit, LiangMa Qiao (Opposite the Kempinski Hotel)


There are a few located around the city.

Some of them are:

  • Ritan Bei Lu / 日坛北路 (Near Chabad Downtown)
  • ChaoYang Park W. Rd. / 朝阳公园西路
  • Next to Pinnacle Plaza, Shunyi / 顺义, 日祥广场旁边
  • SOHO / 现代城
  • near the Lido Hotel / 丽都饭店对面 (Near Bet Yaakov Chabad House)


  • Somerset Fortune Gardens: 46 LiangMa Qiao / 福景苑, 亮马桥46号
  • Opposite of Capital Paradise South Gate, Shunyi / 顺义,名都园南门对面


  • Opposite of Capital paradise South Gate, Shunyi / 顺义,名都园南门对面 (8610) 8046 4132
  • Sanlitun / 朝阳区, 三里屯
  • Richmond Park (close to Bet Yaakov Chabad House)


  • San Yuan Qiao / 嘉乐福国展店


  • Basement of the China World Hotel Shopping Mall / 国贸中心
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