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Hotels near Chabad

Hotels near Chabad

Enjoy special rates at The Renaissance (Marriott) Hotel when you make your reservation through Chabad!



Hotels near the Chabad House

The rates listed below are the special Chabad rates. To make a reservation at these hotels using the "CHABAD RATE" please email

Nuo Hotel (5 star plus)

7 minutes walk from Chabad

Crowe Plaza (4 star)

15 minutes walk from chabad 

Rosedale (3 star)

5 minutes walk to Chabad

Metro park (3 star)

12 minutes walk to chabad

Marriott hotel (5 star)

RMB 1000.00 net

20 minutes walk to chabd


Han Ting Hotel 2 star

Tel: 6435 8999

Piao Home Inn

JiangTai Art Hotel