Mei Tova - Beijing's Mikvah

Mikvah Mei Tova                        


With thanks to the Lefkowitz and Godinger families Chabad of Beijing has has a Mikvah spa for woman. Mei Tova is 5 star facility and has been built fusing a Chinese traditional theme with a modern touch. The mikvah also has all the touches of a luxury full service spa.


Our mikvah has both a Chabad Bor, A Bor al hatzad and a bor Divrei Chaim in order to ensure that all woman who use the mikvah have their personal customs met.


As well as 2 beautiful preparation rooms , Mei Tova also has a massage facility, sauna, Jacuzzi and manicurist available to make this a truly unique and rejuvenating experience. 


Please note: Our Mikvah is open BY APPPOINTMENT ONLY! We open for an hour (varies throughout the year). 

To make and appointment at or learn more about our mikvah, please contact

Mushka Turnheim (86) 18500504290

Mikvah address:


Grand Hills 262, Xiangjiang Lukou Jingshun Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 

Cost for the Mikvah:

RMB 150 for Beijing Residents / RMB 200 for visitors 


For more information about Mikvah and Taharas Mishpacha, the mitzvah of Family Purity, visit