Our Staff

Under the guidance of Rabbi Shimon and Dini Freundlich Chabad Beijing is staffed by dedicated Rabbis, Rebbetzins, educators, administrators, and support personnel along with their families, who are committed to offering high quality programs and services to Jewish people living and and travelling through Beijing.

Chabad of Beijing’s families of Chabad Shluchim -emissaries- are available to help with all your Jewish needs in Beijing.

Rabbi Shimon and Dini Freundlich
Mushka, Devora, Chava, Aaron, Grunia and Eleh

Rabbi Shimon - Director - Chabad Beijing

(86)13911650967 [email protected]

Dini - Director - Ganeinu School

Co Director Chabad Beijing

(86)13911262719 [email protected]

Since August 2001

Rabbi Shneur & Mushka Turnheim
Debby , Meli, Meni, Reli & Heni

Rabbi Shneur - (86) 18500505940

Morah Mushka - (86) 18500504290

Since September 2016