Welcome to Beijing!

Hotels Near the Chabad House

There are many hotels within walking distance of Chabad Beijing. Most are four-star level hotels ranging between USD100~150 per night, there are also some three-star level hotels averaging USD40 per night and some dorm rooms for around US$10 per night. 

Chabad Beijing has discount agreements with some hotels, if you would like to reserve with Chabad rates please contact us at [email protected]to help you with your reservation. 

We are currently using hotels.com for many of our reservations as this site has great prices and benefits Chabad Beijing with free nights that we can later sell/use to help chabad.  

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately at this time Chabad does not have the facilities for travelers to sleep in the Chabad House. Please contact our office if you need hotel reservations and we will do our utmost to help you

For a complete list of hotels near us or a map to Chabad Beijing, please click Here.


Shabbat Service and Meals

Chabad Beijing holds weekly Shabbat services and meals on both Friday night and Shabbat day at

The Bet Yaakov Chabad House Fang Yuan Xi Lu, next to the south gate of Si De Park


For directions or any assistance please call (86) 64388802 (86) 13910740109

For Shabbat times please click Here.

Please click Here for directions to Chabad Beijing.


Kosher Restaurant & Deliveries

Dini's Kosher Restaurant (Meat) is open Sun 2 - 9:30 pm, Mon-Thur 12-9:30 pm, Friday- only in the summer from 12 -2 pm

Cafe Miniature (Dairy) open for events only

For directions or to order take away / deliveries to places in Beijing and across China,  please call 13910740109.

Both restaurants are located at the Bet Yaakov Chabad House


Kosher Grocery Shopping 

There are a few chains of western style stores in Beijing that sell a variety of kosher products. These products are imported from different countries such as the USA, Europe and Australia. Some products bear Kashrut symbols while others can be found listed in the kashrut guides available from the country the product was produced in.

Available products vary during the year but usually include: Jam, peanut butter, salad dressings, tea, coffee, cake mix, baking powder/soda, dry yeast, pretzels, granola bars, pasta, rice, ketchup, vineger, oil, mustard, BBQ sauce, couscous, tomato paste/puree, canned corn, peanuts, mayonnaise, tuna, pickles, potato chips, flour, cereal, honey, oil, margarine, spices, laffy taffy etc.

For names and location of grocery stores carrying kosher products, please click Here.


General Shopping

Silk Market ( 秀水市 )

Address: Jianwaidajie, to the east of the Friendship Store 
Specialties: Brand name bags, clothing and shoes knock-offs, silks and jewelry. 

Yabaolu Market ( 雅宝路市 )

Address: Yabaolu, Chaoyang District 
Specialties: Furs, clothing, shoes and jewelry.

Hongqiao Market ( 红桥 ) 

Address: North Gate of the Temple of Heaven, Chongwen District 
Specialties: Pearls, watches, toys, clothing, shoes, you name it!